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Sunday, April 28, 2019

It's been almost two months since I posted a Coffee Date and I miss writing these little re-caps of what has been going on around here. But instead of writing another regular "date" I want to try something a little bit different and share my highlights of the past month through a life lately update. 

I have been going to spin class twice a week and it's going great. My legs no longer feel wobbly and my hill climbing skills are improving. Now that I am confident I'll keep it up, I want to buy cycling shoes that click to the pedals. Someone in my spin class suggested them after I mentioned I'd been having foot cramps during class. She said they're more comfortable and make all the difference. I already planned a trip to the Decathlon store.

My girlfriends and I booked our vacation! We're going to Valencia and I am so excited! We're not leaving until September, so that gives me plenty of time to work on my bikini bod. Ha.

I started wearing lipstick and it's kind of a big deal. I've always felt I couldn't pull off wearing lipstick, but sometimes you just want to feel a little extra. I particularly like matte lipsticks and when I saw this one on sale, I decided to get over my fear and give it a try. I've been wearing it to work every day for over a week and while I still feel hyper-aware of my every move and gesture, I do love the look.

Spring weather is finally arriving here, even though warm and sunny days are still usually followed by 55 degrees and rain. But on those few gorgeous days, I was super happy to be able to wear spring outfits and sit outside in the sun.

This weekend has been a quiet one. I had to put my garden to-do list on hold, because it's been raining all day. On the bright side, I got all my laundry done in one day and finally started catching up on Game of Thrones. Hope your weekend is good too!

Currently | April

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Experiencing | The joy of having a new washing machine AND a dryer machine. They're actually both second hand, but that doesn't make me any less ecstatic about being able to do my own laundry again. Plus, I've never had a dryer before, so I am currently basking in the luxury of having my towels and bedlinnen dry in just a few hours' time.

Appreciating | Longer days, sunshine and spring weather. Unfortunately, grey skies and a cold front rolled back in this week, but for one whole weekend spring was ours to enjoy.

Wishlisting | All the things I need for my backyard. At the top of that list are a new lawn mower and a shelving unit for my shed. I've been meaning to Marie Kondo that space for a while and be more conscious about the things I store in there, because how many planters and outdoor lanterns does one really need? 

Posting | Sporadically, like once or twice a month. I've been pretty consistent with keeping up with my favorite link-up parties, but haven't shared anything else because I can't seem to break through my writer's block. But I'm trying to be more relaxed about it and just accept that creativity comes and goes.

Considering | Birthday presents for a one year old baby girl. I am trying to decide between a dinner plate with her name and a picture of a cute lion cub on it (because her name means lioness in Danish) or a fun wooden puzzle with safari animals. I love the idea of a personalized dinner plate, but I'm thinking she might get more fun out of the puzzle. Then again, the plate probably lasts longer. This is harder than I thought. Any suggestions?

Currently | March

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Scheming | An afternoon at the movies to see Captain Marvel. It's my day off and I love going to the movies by myself, so this seems like the perfect way to spend a rainy day.

Reading | I started reading Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine back in January, but had a difficult time warming up to Eleanor and getting through the chapters. I decided to take a break, but I haven't gotten back to it yet. I plan on picking it up again soon though, because I do want to give it another chance.

Buying | Dress pants (or cigarette pants, whatever you want to call them). I want to buy them all! I got my first pair a couple of weeks ago and I just can't get over how comfortable they are. And they go with everything in my closet. I'm a fan.

Making | Meal plans. It makes grocery shopping and deciding what to cook for dinner so much easier. It also helps me stay on track with healthy eating.

Accomplishing | After years of dealing with temporary jobs and feeling out of place, I landed an awesome gig and finally felt like I belonged. I got a permanent contract this year and was recently sworn in as a public civil servant. I've come a long way and it feels really good to have a workplace that feels like home.

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Coffee Date | March

Saturday, March 2, 2019

If we were on a coffee date, I would tell you that I had a lovely birthday last month. I received so many messages from friends, family and co-workers wishing me a happy birthday and it put the biggest smile on my face. I celebrated by going out to lunch with a friend, because delicious food is always a good idea. We had the best high tea ever with all kinds of sweet and hearty snacks. I spent the evening at home catching up on The 100 on Netflix and being the ultimate couch potato.

If we were on a coffee date, I would tell you that I went to my first spin class. Talk about a hardcore workout! I could barely keep up and my butt was sore for days, but the rush was totally worth it! I'm already gearing myself up for next week's class.

If we were on a coffee date, I would tell you that I bought a pair of dress pants. I usually wear skinny jeans, but I wanted something more stylish that I could wear to work. I had no idea they were so comfortable, I want to wear mine all the time! I'm definitely going to get a couple more and I might stock up on fancy jogger pants too, because they are a lazy girl's fashion paradise.

If we were on a coffee date, I would tell you that I found a great recipe for banana pancakes. Flat, flavorless and fall-apart pancakes can now go and flip off, because these pancakes are fluffy, rich in flavor and easy to make. Perfect for Sunday mornings.

If we were on a coffee date, I would tell you that it feels like spring and I am so here for it. Don't get me wrong, I love winter and getting snug, but I'm ready for it to be over. I want to roll up my pants and show a little ankle without being cold. I want to eat my lunch in the park and go for walks after dinner because it's still light outside. Are you ready for spring?
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